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Welcome to Fantasy Finance
It's like fantasy sports but with stocks and crypto. Make your picks, compete against others, get paid if you're right.
Start with Zero Initial Capital
You don't need $1,000's to buy stocks or coins. All you have to do is to pick assets that will grow the most in 15 minutes.
Choose From Stocks and Crypto
Build your portfolio from your favorite stocks or coins. Try it in a real-time contest and replace any subpar asset in a tap.
Enjoy Fair Contests
StockBattle offers fair head-to-head contests where you compete with equals. It's your skill vs. theirs.
Get Quick Feedback
Unlike in Fantasy sports or the stock market, you don't need to wait for days or months to get to the outcome. Try our 15-minute head-to-head contests and get results fast!
Double Your Deposit
Make you first deposit and get it doubled
Customer reviews
Quick and easy to use
I'm happy with the platform. I win some and lose some, but every week I earn about 30-50 bucks.
Good platform
Started with free contests then tried the ones with entry fee. Won $36 today!!!✌🏻 Highly recommend it to you guys!
Fair competition
I like the fact that you compete with one person - it gives you a much better shot at winning.
Timely support
I had an issue with my deposit - had to claim the offered bonus. Surprised how fast I got an answer from the support team!
Winning time!💰💰 Thanks to StockBattle!
Just won $18! So it's worth it to me. Contest selection is great!
I began investing
StockBattle transformed my relationship with money. I even bought my first shares recently.
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Join the Fantasy Finance Revolution
We don't bet against you or front-run your data to market makers. Finally, you can compete with Wall Street on your terms.
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Join the Fantasy Finance Revolution
Join the Fantasy Finance Revolution
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