Follow the News to Multiply Gains

“How do I increase my winning ability?” is the question nagging at all of the entrants. We know the answer and are happy to share it.

Follow the Stock Market News

Negative news normally causes a massive stock sell-out, while positive news makes people buy stocks. All that factors into stocks’ ups and downs. That is why it is crucial to keep abreast of the stock market affairs if you want to boost your gains.

Stay Ahead of the Market  

Usually, experienced investors buy and sell shares in anticipation of an event (financial reports for instance) rather than in the wake of it. Though it’s hard to predict the market reaction in advance, practicing in StockBattle helps develop those anticipation skills.

They are so closely intertwined in their effect on the stock market that sometimes it’s hard to tell what generates what. However, the more you follow the news, the easier it is to spot the trends, and the more precise your predictions become.

Tips on How to Monitor the News in StockBattle

Here, in StockBattle, we’d like for you to always be in touch with the current stock market situation and get updates as soon as possible. Read the highlights of the hottest market news inducing stock and crypto movements right on our newsfeed, so that you never miss another Elon Musk’s powerful tweet or one more billionaire’s trip to outer space. Make sure to take a gander at the current financial affairs and use those tidbits to help you make strategic decisions on your portfolio drafts.

In case you need details and are willing to delve into global economic and geopolitical events to determine the market direction, here are some ways to do that.

  • Use the market news outlets (like Yahoo Finance, CNBC, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, Coindesk, etc).
  • Root for tidbits on Twitter, Reddit, and some investor chat rooms.
  • Sign up for financial daily newsletters.

Choose your own way of getting to know the financial fabric and build up your expertise. But always remember that the ability to use certain information at the right time comes only with experience. The more you practice in StockBattle, the better you understand the stock market.

Know it all? Or just learning to deal with the market movements? You are in the right place. Join StockBattle and start winning money!

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