Getting Started with StockBattle Contests

In StockBattle stocks and crypto contests take place every 15 minutes and help entrants unlock their stock market potential and cut their teeth before plunging into the traditional market. While stock contests are restricted to the stock market working hours (9:30-16:30 E.T.), crypto contests run 24/7.

We respectfully recommend you to embark on the Fantasy Finance voyage starting with free stocks and crypto contests to sharpen your tactics first, and only then jump into cash contests. Here you’ll find some tips that will bring you closer to victory and coveted gains in Fantasy Finance.

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Enter your first stock or crypto game

Stay In the Stocks and Crypto Loop

It’s always a good idea for anyone taking part in Fantasy Finance rumbles to pay attention and be up to date with the current markets. And thanks to the internet, everyone has access to investing news right at their fingertips.

However, being extremely volatile, crypto needs a more sustainable approach and consistency in market research than stocks, not to mention that crypto runs 24/7 and can bring you a fortune if you get a grip on its movements.

Diversify and Rule

The strategy is the same for any portfolio – choose the leading players like in Fantasy Football, but don’t forget about the backup ones. Try different combinations in crypto and stocks contests according to the current state of the market and keep your cool – if your pet asset is not the best pick with an unbiased eye for now, let go of it and move your focus to another one.

Tighten Control on Your Portfolio

Basically, you need to have a target for a certain period of time when competing in Fantasy Finance and a stop-loss. Choose a period of time (take a week for instance), formulate the amount of gain you plan to have for that period and the maximum allowed fee expenses. Stick to your plan and see what you’ll line up.

Bonus Tip: Get a Grip on Altcoins

You need to know a thing or two about types of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin (called altcoins: Ethereum, Ripple, etc.). This knowledge will help you understand the market movements better, let alone the market insights you’ll get while surfing the news outlets.

Having smaller market caps, they are prone to larger price swings. Learn to anticipate those swings and grant yourself an opportunity to cash in on crypto volatility.

As you know, in StockBattle, we make sure you get maximum satisfaction and gains in any contest. Follow those tips above and be ready to multiply your wins.

Feeling ready to unfold your stock market potential? Dive into the StockBattle contests now!

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