How to Navigate StockBattle Trading Simulator?

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From drafting a portfolio to the end of a contest, this video guide will show you how to navigate through stocks and crypto contests in our trading simulator.

How to Navigate Your Contests in StockBattle Trading Simulator: Video Guide

To make your fantasy trading easier and win more while playing the stock and crypto markets, follow the instructions below.

Open the Contests page. There are four tabs (Join, Drafts, Live, Finished) which lead you from drafting a portfolio to the end of a contest.

📈 Join

When you enter a contest, you are in the Join tab. Here you pick a crypto or stock game you want to join and create your portfolio.

📈 Drafts

When you finish, your portfolio gets to the Drafts section, where it waits for the start of the trading game. Here you can change your portfolio if you want.

📈 Live

The trading game begins. Now, your draft is in the Live tab. Dive in and watch your portfolio performance in the real-time live chart.

📈 Finished

The game finished. Now, it is in the Finished tab, where all your finished stock and crypto games are stored.

That’s it. Enter StockBattle fantasy trading games today.

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