How to Read Graphs

You’ve probably seen those strange lines, bars, and candles that look like a super-genius way to convey the information about a stock with some lines and figures. Can reading them bring money in StockBattle? You betcha! Let’s find out how.

What Is a Stock Chart?

It is a graph that displays the price of a stock over a specific period of time. Some charts also show additional data like dividends and trading volume. By grasping the basics, you can get lots of information about a stock’s past, current, and future performance.

Stock Charts Tell Stories

Apart from being able to distinguish trends, catch signals, and avoid picking a falling stock, you’ll find out how other buyers and sellers have been trading that stock recently. In case you anticipate big players’ movements, you’ll be able to pick the right stock and get a substantial gain in StockBattle.

StockBattle Chart Components

A bazillion entrants win dozens of StockBattle contests daily using their chart-reading skill. As the old adage says, if you can’t beat them, join them. Fall in love with stock charts and add one more ace up your sleeve. 

As you well know, we want you to squeeze the most out of StockBattle contests. So every time before drafting your portfolio, you’ll see a list of all the assets available in StockBattle that you can arrange according to their growth (from largest to smallest and vice versa). By tapping on an asset, you’ll see a chart with this asset’s price movements in percentage terms for the last 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 week (you can choose the required period by tapping a corresponding tab – 15m, 1h, 1d, 1w – at the head of the chart). Below the chart, there are two figures worth your attention – Volume and Market Cap. They’ll help you identify the assets which are more prone to a short-term increase. 

Reading those stock and crypto charts should be your first step before plunging into a contest.

Why Is Price Movement Important?

There are 3 simple facts that will guide you to the answer:

  1. Price fluctuations in the market reflect all the necessary information a StockBattle entrant needs to know about an asset. Unexpected changes in how a stock (or coin) trades often mean major news from the company.
  2. Price movements can be predicted and identified. Though there are times when the chart moves randomly, the fact is that trends can be recognized and spotted in real time. Once trends are spotted, you can multiply your gains in StockBattle contests.
  3. The market repeats itself. A chart shows the interaction between buyers and sellers. As you well know, people are predictable, and StockBattle entrants can use this as an advantage to profit when the same market conditions reappear.

Read Charts to Double Your Gains in StockBattle

The guides to technical analysis and stock charts abound on the Internet, which gives you leeway in choosing the right source for you. The quicker you make the first move, the closer your undeniable advantage over other entrants in StockBattle will be. Once you have mastered a chart-reading skill, you can finally let money work for you and double your gain every 15 minutes!

Want to become a stock-picking guru? Sign up now and practice all you want in StockBattle!

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