How to Withdraw Money from StockBattle?

how to get money from stock market game

Did you earn $100 or more in StockBattle stocks and crypto contests? Then watch this step-by-step guide to withdraw money from your StockBattle account.

How to Withdaw Money from StockBattle Trading Sim Account: Video Guide

🎯 If you want to withdraw money from your StockBattle account, tap on your avatar and then on the Wallet icon.

🎯 Scroll to the Money Withdrawal tab. You need to verify your account first. Click the Verify My Account button.

🎯 Tick the box confirming your consent to processing your personal data. Don’t worry, StockBattle doesn’t store your personal data, nor uses it for any other purposes.

🎯 Select a country that issued your document. Select a document type – it can be an ID card, a passport, a residence permit, or your driving licence.

🎯 Upload the photo of the document you’ve selected. Click Confirm and Continue. 

🎯 Take a selfie.

🎯 Wait until the system checks your data. Then click Withdraw money.

🎯 Insert your first and last name, and an email address connected to your PayPal account. Click Withdraw.

That’s it. Now just wait for the sum to appear on your PayPal account. 
If you still have problems with withdrawal, watch this video guide. In case it doesn’t help, contact our support team via

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