Hunt for Undervalued Assets

StockBattle rests on how unique and accurate your stock picks are. Pro Tip: If you select the same top stocks as another entrant may do, you’ll have no advantage. Ditch the popularity contest. Instead, seek out the undervalued projects when picking stocks and crypto. Here’s how to do that.

Understanding Value Investing

Value investing means picking undervalued stocks with great potential. It is an excellent strategy to use in StockBattle. To win, you need to venture where most people won’t.

Becoming a Fantasy Value Investor

As any investor, value investors analyze the metrics of a company based on its intrinsic value and price-to-earnings ratio. However, they do not go for the top-performing stocks. Instead, they seek out average ones, which are also performing very well. We suggest you do the same while drafting your portfolio for a StockBattle rumble.

Refraining from FOMO

Picking stocks out of fear of missing out (FOMO) is not a good strategy. Joining the trend and selecting an asset based on popularity can bring the coveted victory but contest outcomes sometimes prove otherwise. Balance is what your portfolio needs. But how do you achieve that in StockBattle?

StockBattle Value Strategy

In a StockBattle contest, you need to pick 5 stocks or cryptos for a 15-minute game. Select your first top three picks, and then select two undervalued ones to add to your portfolio (quick market research will help you identify those gems). This simple strategy will put you ahead of your rival when a battle begins.

Want to pick stocks and coins like a pro? Jump into StockBattle – practice makes progress!

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