Basic Methods for Risk Management

Though it’s unrealistic to sustain serious financial damage in Fantasy Finance, failure is not just plausible, it is a part of the competition, especially when you are only learning how to make well-informed decisions. But how do you hedge against unfavorable outcomes and ramp up gains? You are about to find this out.

how to win in stock games
How to maximize gains in StockBattle?

Measuring Prospects

Risk is the amount of money you can lose while playing Fantasy Finance. The best way to measure a potential risk is to predetermine how much you are willing to spend. In other words, work out a stop-loss. Place a ceiling to your daily fee expenses and lift it in proportion to your gains.

No Place for Chance

It’s tempting to put drafting your portfolio in the hands of fate or pick stocks on a whim, hoping it will pan out. But StockBattle doesn’t work this way. Analyzing the market and delving into stock movements is the unalloyed boon that will bring you more gains.

Plan Asset Picks in Advance

Strategy is the key in StockBattle. Сhecking the stats, scanning the market fabric, and planning your winning team in advance is a scheme that makes your gains ratchet up.

Diversification is the Game

Drafting one particular kind of stock (tech or retail ones for instance) for your portfolio seems unreasonable even for a 15-minute contest. Akin to assembling a football team, balancing offensive players with defensive ones is always a winning strategy.

Go with Your Gut

The accurate market update plus following your own market anticipation is the winning combo while taking part in Fantasy Finance.

Now, knowing about these incredibly easy but perfectly effective “gain-hedging” steps, it’s simpler to formulate your plan and win more in StockBattle contests.

Can’t wait to put your knowledge into practice? Jump in Stock Battle now!

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