Stock Market Basics

Having to struggle with new terminology is one of the biggest hurdles for new entrants. We’ve got you covered. This Fantasy Finance basic vocabulary list will help you get the ball rolling.

In this section, we’ve assembled all the terms and concepts every StockBattle entrant should know in order to benefit most from the platform. Here you’ll find the description of the terms used in StockBattle contests and charts all put in a simple and digestible way.

Trading Volume Explained

You’ve stumbled upon this parameter when picking assets for a contest. But what is it? And how does it work? We’ll explain volume here.

Market Cap Explained

This figure in StockBattle charts tells stories. What stories? And why does it matter? Find out here.

Market Dynamics Explained

Want to nail price movements? Understand market dynamics first. We’ll help you with that right here.

What is Volatility

Is volatility a good or bad thing for StockBattle entrants? Dive in to find out.

What is P/E Ratio?

Earnings are important when valuing a stock or crypto. Read the article to learn about how to use p/e ratio in your StockBattle strategy.

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