StockBattle Affiliate Program: Monetize Your Content

StockBattle Affiliate program

Maximizing gains and grabbing the most value out of the platform––isn’t this what each StockBattle entrant craves? Great news! There is one more potential option to generate income in StockBattle that you’ve probably already heard of. It’s becoming a member of our Affiliate Program. What is it exactly and how much can you earn from that? 

All the details are in this guide.

What Is Stockbattle Affiliate Program?

Simply put, it’s the arrangement in which we pay you a commission for referring new entrants to StockBattle. Here’s how it works:

💸 You apply for the program by filling out the application form on our website.

💸 We give you your unique referral link that you can share on social media, your blog, your YouTube channel, or just with your friends.

💸 You earn 40% of each deposit made through your referral link.

Earn More Than Just Commission

By partnering up with StockBattle, you get not only commission, but also content ideas for your posts and a growing community of your followers. 

So, the best way to start your collaboration with StockBattle is to build a video/post chain. “What’s that?” you might ask. Well, it’s a series of videos or posts where you strengthen your audience’s engagement by telling them about features, success stories, secrets, and winning strategies.

Here’s how this chain may look like👇

Guide on How to Start in Stockbattle

It can be an intro about StockBattle. Be sure to mention the +100% bonus with the first deposit. Here’s is a possible plan:

🔥 StockBattle is a perfect way to earn extra money.   

🔥 Already 10,000 people play StockBattle every day! It has a lot of success stories, especially since players are winning more than $200 per week.

🔥 Players should start with free-rolls to try the game out and earn some money in the process.

🔥 It’s essential to deposit $25 or more the first time, because right now, for the limited time, StockBattle is doubling every deposit for new players coming via this link: *your unique link*.

🔥 By the way, I tried the contest and have some secrets on how to beat everyone and earn some serious cash. But I will tell you about it in my next video/post 😉

🔥 So far, you can register in StockBattle, try it out, and beat me in the contest! Don’t forget about the free-rolls and the doubling deposit hack!

You can modify these points as it’s just an example. But don’t forget to put your affiliate link in the description and in your video/post.

You can make 3-5 videos/posts to remind your followers of StockBattle. You can also talk about winning strategies and your observations (there’s a cheat sheet for you right below).

Four Strategies on How to Win on StockBattle

💰 Study the previous day’s price movements. You can predict how the stock price might move based on the price action the day before and pick your stocks based on this knowledge.

💰 Follow the price trend in the previous 15 minutes. This is done on the assumption that prices that have been rising or falling steadily will continue to do so. You can search for the Yahoo Finance screener, and based on the bullish or bearish mid-term trend, pick your stocks.

💰 Follow the news. This one is a no-brainer: just check the latest stock market news and keep an eye out for the most performing sectors such as tech.

💰 Think about your opponent’s moves. There is a theory called “Castle-in-the-Air”. It tells that investors are trying to understand the market crowd and predict which stocks will be popular. You can use this theory and try to predict which stocks your game opponent will choose based on the market hype.

Follow these links to watch examples of what your videos may look like:

So if you are interested in making money while you sleep, join our Affiliate Program today and grow your revenue with the leading fantasy finance platform.

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