StockBattle Free Tournaments: The Ultimate Guide to Win

While battling stocks and crypto with other like-minded traders, StockBattle entrants learn the ins and outs of the market, employ their finances, and earn a little side cash along the way. Does multiplying that side cash for no cost sound like a good idea? If so, we are happy to introduce Free Tournaments which we’ve prepared to add thrill to competition and provide you with one more opportunity to make bigger gains. But before plunging in, let’s first figure out the mechanics of the tournaments, the cash prize the winners get, and some surefire strategies that will draw you closer to winning.

What Are Free Tournaments?

Free tournaments are a series of daily crypto contests, which last 7 days and have no limit on the number of entrants. Every week, there is one crypto tournament that starts on Monday at 11 a.m ET and ends at 11 a.m. ET on Sunday. Make sure to join tournaments in advance, as the registration closes as soon as they start.

How Do They Work? 

Free Crypto Tournaments include seven daily contests. Every day you should draft your portfolio. By the end of each day you’ll get an email with your daily results. Your score will be in the form of points – the number of points you get equals the number of participants you beat. For example, if there are 100 entrants and you get the first place in a daily contest, your score will be 99, as you’ve outcompeted 99 people. You can also check your results in the Leaderboard tab inside the tournament and compare your score with other entrants.

Later on, the results of all daily contests are put together and the person with the highest number of points becomes the winner. But unlike ordinary head-to-head contests, where only one person gets the prize, there are 50 winners in free tournaments. Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of prize distribution.

How Much Do You Win?

Each free crypto tournament has a $200 prize pool that is allocated between 50 winners. Here’s how it’s done:

  • 1st Place – $50
  • 2nd Place – $20
  • 3rd Place- $10
  • 4th Place – $8
  • 5th Place – $7
  • 6th Place – $6
  • 7-10th Place gets $5
  • 11-14th Place gets $4
  • 15-24th Place gets $3
  • 25-34th Place gets $2
  • 35-44th Place gets $1
  • 45-50th Place gets $0.50

* The first test tournament (the one that will take place on January 5th 2022) will open its doors for only 50 most active StockBattle entrants. The prize will be distributed the following way:

  • 1st Place – $20
  • 2nd Place – $12
  • 3rd Place – $8
  • 4th Place – $6
  • 5th Place – $4

How Do You Join Tournaments?

As was mentioned earlier, despite the unlimited number of participants, there are stringent rules regarding joining tournaments – no one can enroll after the tournaments begin. So, entrants should register and draft their portfolios in time. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Find the Tournaments tab at the bottom of the page.
  2. By clicking the “Join” button, you’ll get to the free crypto tournament page. 
  3. In the Lineup tab, you’ll see the number of contests with dates – this is where you create your drafts. Draft a portfolio for the first daily contest.
  4. Check your stats in the Leaderboard tab, where you’ll see your score as well as your place.

That’s it! 

Don’t forget to draft portfolios every day before 11 a.m. ET and check your stats. 

If you still have any questions about free tournaments or you face some difficulties in the process, contact our support team via

How Do You Win In Tournaments?

StockBattle Tournaments are the perfect place to unleash day trading strategies. These strategies are essential when you are looking to capitalize on frequent daily price movements, which our tournaments rely on.

So here are some tips on day trading strategies for anyone interested in trying their hand in tournaments and making gains with little effort.

Scalping Strategy

The philosophy behind a scalping strategy is that small wins can add up to a lot of money at the end of the day. So a scalper picks the stocks or crypto that are set to go up, even if not significantly, and lets go of their picks if they fall short of expectations. This tactic perfectly fits into daily contests – if some of your picks don’t prove worthy during a day, you eliminate them and pick other players for the next rumble.

Momentum Trading

This technique involves seeking stocks or crypto whose price is moving up on the day of trading. Momentum assets are rare, but can be predicted. Look for crypto driven by catalysts like influencers’ tweets, acceptance by some large companies, or updates on blockchain.

News Trading

You already know that stocks and crypto react quickly to news events. One lousy earnings report can easily drag a company’s stock down, while something like insider information about how many coins a celebrity in the world of finances has purchased may send a crypto soaring. So, follow the news on a daily basis (we post the hottest stories on our newsfeed) and try to predict the direction an asset will take in the near future.

Emulation Of Winners’ Success

This technique is a must for those aiming to win in a tournament. You need to start your portfolio draft by analyzing the previous day’s winners and taking notes of coins’ movements. But be careful, crypto is highly volatile and reacts to the slightest moves, so one day’s victory doesn’t ensure victory the next day. So, keep your ear to the ground, revisit crypto news sites, and try to pinpoint a trend to follow.

Final Word

Consistent profits is one of the StockBattle tournaments’ benefits. Despite the lack of glory on one day, they can often pay off in the week-run for those who persevere. They have other advantages too, such as pointing out your strengths and weaknesses, and getting an upgrade in day trading knowledge, not to mention the craziest thrill you get from competition. 

Why not upgrade your crypto skills right now without any investment required? Register for the next tournament and start winning more in StockBattle.

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