What is Fantasy Finance?

What is fantasy finance?

StockBattle is a fantasy finance platform which provides a whole new outlook at the stock market rallies and opens up ample opportunities for those seeking to combine the thrill of competition with earning money. To understand it better, let’s first look at the Fantasy Sports idea where the concept stems from.

What Is Fantasy Sports?

As many of you are aware, Fantasy Sports are online prediction contests. You pick a virtual team of real sports players and earn points based on real-life data. The better your athlete performs on the field, the higher your fantasy points, the closer you get to winning.

What Is Behind Fantasy Appeal?

As of now, only in North America, around 56 million people take part in fantasy sports. Many of them have worked out a strategy to capitalize on their passion. That is probably the prime reason why people gravitate towards Fantasy. Just imagine that you compete against your friends or your colleagues and their teams. Everybody manages a roster by adding, dropping, trading, and selling players to keep winning, but you’re not contending against corporations or some broker. Your competitors are real human beings with the same affection for sport as yours. Exciting, right?

StockBattle: Fantasy Sports But with Stocks

What limits Fantasy sports is geography and the loyalty to a single sport. What if the idea could be expanded to other spheres and even go global? And what if entering Fantasy contests helped us not only satisfy our hunger for tournaments, but also educate ourselves about something valuable like finances and investing? Isn’t it a winning combo?

It is, and that is the exact idea behind the StockBattle concept. We believe that the stock market is the new ultimate Fantasy. It isn’t limited to a small group of devoted fans (moreover, it’s something that all people aspire to) and it can be accessed from any corner of the world.

  • Fantasy Finance is here to quench your trading thirst. Combining the thrill of competition with stocks’ ups and downs, StockBattle helps you hone your trading skills and capitalize along the way.
  • Entrants can go wild and experiment with stocks and crypto contests backed by real-time data. No one needs to be a Wall Street pro to take part in the rumble. However, you can become one while sharpening your tactics in portfolio drafts!
  • StockBattle can be accessed worldwide and is only limited to the stock market hours but crypto isn’t. You can enter crypto contests 24/7 and profit even when the market is bearish… plus the season never ends.
  • In StockBattle, you can garner the fastest feedback on your stock market insights and double your gains every 15 minutes.
Fantasy Stocks
What are Fantasy Stocks?

The Fantasy concept has already outgrown sports-only limitations. That’s why we believe it’s only the beginning. Fantasy Finance is the next cultural phenomena letting people look at the stock market from a different and more attractive angle!

Ready to start? Sign up to StockBattle and double your first deposit up to $50!

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