Win in StockBattle Using Your Skills

StockBattle contests provide the real-life opportunity to enjoy the stock market roller coaster and win even when the market is plunging. How so? Let’s sort it out.

What is a Game of Skill?

A game of skill is powered by players’ expertise rather than luck. Many games of skill require specific knowledge and a lot of practice outside the virtual competing arena to actually gain the coveted skill and cash results.

US courts use the predominant test to define the dominating element of a game (skill or chance). It’s in the form of a linear scale with pure skill on one end and pure chance on the other. If a game is closer to the skill end, it’s classified as a game of skill and if it’s closer to the other end – gambling.

Do You Need Skill or Luck to Win in StockBattle?

Outcomes in StockBattle are not determined by chance, but are rather achieved by entrants’ skills, making Fantasy Finance competitions legal in most US states.

Skills to Win:

  • StockBattle entrants should not only be well-versed in finances and maths to analyze data fast, they need to put their analytical mind into practice while doing market research.
  • Focus and resilience. These skills will help develop a strategy and obtain your own stock market toolkit with methods, maneuvers, and tactics.
  • Contest record keeping. This provides entrants one of the easiest ways to identify their right and wrong moves.
Skills to win in trading simulator
Skills to Win on StockBattle

So take no chances, use skills, and kick those corporate Wall Street butts!

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